Hi, I'm Dr. Kisha Tinson ("Dr. Cheree")

In 2008 I made one of the most difficult decisions in my life. I relocated from Greenville, MS to Inglewood, CA. At the time, I was an unemployed single mother determined to provide a better life for my daughter. Imagine how overwhelming it was for me to adjust from two lane roads to the 405 freeway.

Not only was it difficult for me, the adjustment was difficult for my daughter as well. Then something happened. A community rallied around us. The principal and one special teacher at my daughter's school embraced us. The owner of the local doughnut shop, where we frequented for breakfast each day, offered to teach Jasmine to speak Spanish. Each day he taught her a new word. Even the local grocery store clerks knew our faces and eagerly asked Jasmine about herself and her school day. It was a community. We were part of a nurturing community.

A year later we relocated to South LA. Jasmine had to attend a different school. We no longer visited the doughnut shop. They didn’t know us in the grocery store. The community and support system we’d grown accustomed to was gone. It was then that I realized how critical community is to a child's development.

Seeing how that transition impacted my daughter and myself fueled a new found passion for helping others. In 2014, Jasmine and I started The HAVE, Inc. Foundation. The HAVE, Inc. Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides exposure, educational resources, and self development tools to youth and parents in under-served communities in order to create hope, achievement, vision, and empowerment.

As Founder and Executive Director of The HAVE, Inc. Foundation I have the pleasure of servicing families throughout California. I know the long term impact support from a caring community can have on a family. I hope to have the opportunity to meet your family soon.

Yours in Service,
Dr. Cheree

Hello, my name is Jasmine Whitley.

I am a high school student at Middle College High School and full-time college student at Southwest Community College. I, along with my mother, created The HAVE, Inc. Foundation for a simple reason. We want to help people.

In second grade, I had a phenomenal teacher by the name of Ms. Brown. Ms. Brown took an interest in me and invited me to activities that my mother wasn’t aware of. She introduced me to public speaking and is the reason I am pursing an Associates Degree in Communications. To this day, she is my mentor and academic compass.

I know that all teachers are not like Ms. Brown. However, all children deserve the same opportunities I was given. The HAVE, Inc. Foundation desires to give youth in Los Angeles that same chance.

As Co-founder and Director of “Fun Stuff”, I develop programs designed to encourage a love for learning and exposure to cultural events and activities that children in low income communities might not have the opportunity or privilege to enjoy. I look forward to the chance at making a difference in your family and to help your child develop a greater love for learning.